New Way of Eating

I am learning to eat in new ways – I’ve ditched the fast food, the Starbucks, the convenience/packaged items and am now eating mostly organic fruits/veggies and legumes, with some lean meat/chicken for dinner. I have been gluten-free almost a month now and the arthritis in my foot is gone! I’m also grain free, sugar free, caffeine free, potato and any other starch free… Except for what is found in these new shakes I’ve been using. (Contact my friend and hairdresser Wendy for info – it’s awesome).

This has been a HUGE adjustment for me especially since I have never eaten this way! I found myself scrounging for snack ideas, recipes and just instructions on how to prepare basic veggies which you’d think a grown woman would know. See, Greg is the ‘chef’ in the family and he is doing his best to prepare healthy meals for us all, I am on my own during the day! I am going to start sharing some of what I’ve been doing as I have discovered a whole new WORLD of flavors, tastes and textures!

One of my favorites is roasted chick peas/garbanzo beans. Just toss with some extra virgin olive oil along with some sea salt and chipotle powder or some other seasoning blend and toast in the oven on a baking sheet about 40 minutes. This is my new “popcorn” and go-to snack on the go. Delicious! Watch for more recipes and ideas, as I will share them here!

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