I started this list in a journal on April 23, 2008, after hearing Jack Canfield speak at the DSWA Celebration. A friend recently loaned me his Aladdin Factor CDs and as I was listening to one today I was reminded of this list and decided to post it for all the world to read. I will cross things off as I acquire or achieve them. These are in no particular priority, just a running list of things I’d like to do, be, or have in my lifetime. Some are wild and crazy, and some are ongoing. Some are obvious and some are surprising. If you have an idea or a suggestion that could help me, let me know!

  1. A reliable and comfortable car.
  2. A house in Sebastopol, CA (kids no longer go to school there so we don’t want to any more!)
  3. A trip to Hawaii with the kids.
  4. An ipod with all my trainings to listen to (got the ipod but can’t fill it yet due to low memory on my ibook! Need an external or new computer before I can do this… Halfway there though…)
  5. Monthly “quality” dates with Greg.
  6. To weigh 160.
  7. Make a 6 figure income in direct sales.
  8. A comfortable home office, neat and orderly with plenty of room.
  9. Better and more comfortable truck for pulling the trailer and going camping.
  10. A beach house for vacations – like at The Sea Ranch.
  11. An assistant to do my ‘busy work.’
  12. For Greg to help me with my bookkeeping/data entry/business stuff.
  13. For Greg to be able to quit his 2nd job.
  14. National publicity for my Story Time Felts business and/or my involvement with DSWA
  15. My business to be on a TV show – like Oprah or…?
  16. A trip to Italy.
  17. A trip with each of the kids alone to go exploring, or weekends away, especially with the girls as they get older.
  18. For all 3 kids to graduate from Analy high school. (this turned out to be a bad idea! tho one did!)
  19. For all 3 kids to have a clear direction and ambition.
  20. A wardrobe that fits and looks good so I can just easily pick outfits out of my closet and look good.
  21. Jewelry to go with every outfit.
  22. A good haircut and coloring.
  23. A tummy tuck.
  24. A breast reduction.
  25. Regular pedicures.
  26. No credit card debt.
  27. A substantial business savings so I can act right away on opportunities.
  28. Landscaper to maintain our yard.
  29. For the kids to be comfortable talking to me about anything at all.
  30. Time to spend one on one with each kid.
  31. Motivation/habit of exercising daily.
  32. Large team I can mentor.
  33. Quality time with my parents at least monthly.
  34. To get to know my brother, and him me.
  35. Organize all our photos and put into albums.
  36. To have more energy in the morning.
  37. To have a relaxing backyard.
  38. Yard space big enough for the kids to play.
  39. Systematic training program in place so I am more duplicatable.
  40. Dates with Greg at least once a month.
  41. To help the less fortunate and feel like I contributed to a cause.
  42. To have control over some of our finances vs. Greg doing it all.
  43. To have an abundant retirement account.
  44. To have a generous medical insurance plan.
  45. Abundant life insurance policy on me.
  46. Summer camp experiences for the kids.
  47. Lessons for the kids, 1 subject each in something they get excited about.
  48. A video camera that works on the internet.
  49. Another great cruise with Greg.
  50. A pretty yard.
  51. A fountain or pond or creek.
  52. Time to read/learn/grow daily.
  53. The desire and ability to eat healthy
  54. Limited arguing in front of the kids or if we do, to always resolve it in front of the kids.
  55. No more or minimal dental problems.
  56. Few dental problems with the kids.
  57. Happier and more loving relationship with my son.
  58. A family trip to Washington, DC
  59. A road trip across the country.
  60. No more female trouble.
  61. Open communication with and support from Greg about my dreams and goals.
  62. To be more affectionate.
  63. To receive affection.
  64. To feel attractive but safe.
  65. To make peace with my inner critic.
  66. To win more awards and recognition.
  67. To inspire confidence in others.
  68. For my parents to be secure and happy.
  69. For my parents to express pride in me.
  70. To feel at peace.
  71. To remain calm.
  72. To be more patient with people I love.
  73. To travel the world seeing historical and beautiful places and cultures.
  74. Living someplace with redwoods and nature around me.
  75. For the kids to grow up confident and giving, with determination to follow their dreams.
  76. Both Greg and I in business from home.
  77. Shoes that fit and look great always.
  78. More involvement in the kids’ schools.
  79. Visibility in my community.
  80. Lots of online networking friends.
  81. A new up to date laptop.
  82. A smart phone.
  83. To wake up happy most days.
  84. To sleep peacefully most days.
  85. To have a fun conversational dinner table without negativity most days.
  86. For the kids to have a clear talent I can encourage.
  87. To have systems in place to run my business without stress, mess, time issues or anxiety.
  88. To be on page 1 on Google for all my keywords.
  89. To have regular spiritual practices.
  90. To be published in newspapers.
  91. To be respected by my colleagues.
  92. To be confident in new situations with strangers.
  93. To visit all the National Parks.
  94. To socialize with like-minded people who are also evolving.
  95. To have couple friends Greg and I can socialize with and enjoy together vs. my friends and his friends.
  96. To know how much money we have and have a clear picture, plan and budget, family and business.
  97. To enjoy 2 ‘free’ days off each week by the end of 2008, and 3 days off each week eventually.
  98. For all 3 kids to value excellence.
  99. For all 3 kids to believe in themselves.
  100. To know I am worthy of these things.
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