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Looking for Referrals!

Hi everyone! I am looking for Story Time Felts home party hostesses in Northern California. Can you help?

Do you know anyone who would get excited about Story Time Felts and the idea of earning $100 or $200 or more in free educational toys for their kids? If you refer someone who books a home party I am offering $15 to spend (no tax or shipping) for YOU and the new hostess, on top of other hostess rewards that are possible!

What does one get for having a Story Time Felts party?

They get about a 30 minute demonstration from me which includes information about:

* How to keep and bring your children closer to you through story
* How to teach your children to play independently while using their imagination
* How to enhance learning through multi-sensory play
* How classic toys such as felt boards, puppets, and masks create a lifetime of memories, and grow with your children, making them a unique value. Continue reading ‘Looking for Referrals!’

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