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Planting (Team Building) Seeds – Team Meeting Script

Sponsoring Seeds Team Meeting Training(This was designed for an in-person direct selling team training I did, but could probably be adapted to an online/virtual training as well. Pass out or send ahead a packet of seeds with the poem below!)
Planting seeds is an analogy used for many things :
Seeds of faith
Seeds of wisdom
Seeds of doubt
Seeds of change
Seeds of war
In every case, the seeds represent the potential for changing the world in some way, and the hope of turning into something GREAT, just like these flower seeds! When you plant the seeds of new consultants, your potential for growing your business, and changing the world is amazing!

Look at these seed packets. I’ve put a poem on the back to remind us of the components our home party business seeds need:

A little seed for me to sow
A little earth to make it grow
A little hole
A little pat
A little wish
And that is that!
A little sun
A little shower
A little while
And then, a flower!

(You could use a real flower pot and seeds etc. to illustrate.)
The little seed at one point was each of us! Someone introduced us to the opportunity and gave our business life. But today, THIS seed represents the women YOU introduce the business to.

Think of the amazing potential there is in a little seed – you plant it in the ground and it explodes into a wonderful plant, or flower, or tree! The seeds you plant (recruits) have the same potential, just like you do!!

Not all of the seeds will sprout to life – some will go off with the wind (they were only there temporarily), some will be carried away by wildlife (distracted by life happening) and some for whatever reason were just not meant to develop into plants and are content to stay seeds (hobbyists or those who just signed up for discount) but–some will take root and grow!

Good gardeners will plant lots and lots of seeds, knowing only some will bloom!


The soil is the foundation, full of nutrients to support life. The soil represents your home party business company, your company owners and leaders, and the information we learn and know through their resources about your products, hostess rewards and business opportunity. Without a good foundation of information, and access to the resources the company provides, our seeds could not grow.


Next is the little hole in which you drop the seed. This is a comfortable little depression in the earth, a resting place of comfort. Surrounded by the fertile soil of our company, the hole represents your seed’s sense of self-reliance and self-confidence. It knows what its job is, and has the resources to achieve it!


Who can guess what the pat represents? You’ve dropped your seed in the fertile soil and give it a little pat. This is the encouragement your seed gets from you, their sponsor. Let them know you are there for them, that you have confidence in them. Even though your seeds may have come from one, your seeds have never been plants before! Let them know you know they can do it! When they start to lose confidence, remind them of the tools they need to succeed, practice with them, listen to them, and encourage them!


The wish is hope and desire! The dreams and desires your team member has are what will keep her going, striving to grow her home party business. It might be the promise of income to help with family finances, or perhaps vacations or home improvements. It might be the fun of meeting new people and socializing with like-minded women who understand the power of our product and the impact it has on society. Or it might be the recognition and sense of accomplishment we get from reaching our goals. Whatever it is, she must want it enough for that wish to be a driving force behind her business, keeping her going through obstacles and setbacks.


Sunshine represents a positive attitude and enthusiasm! Our attitude is contagious and just like the sun, it brightens or darkens everything it touches. As a sponsor, it’s important for us to convey a positive attitude toward our team. This is what will give them energy and grow those seeds! And the most amazing thing is, sunshine is reflected back to us! The more we share our enthusiasm for the products and business, the more energized and positive we feel! Remember to keep your positive attitude and enthusiasm high, and share it freely!


Water is fluid, changing and refreshing! It cleanses and renews everything it touches. For your seed, water feeds it and gives it life! Without it, your seed would not sprout, and if it was there but then goes away, your sprout would wilt and die. Water represents the ongoing training and support that keeps us in touch with our business on a weekly and monthly basis not just when we first start and are excited, but continuing always. This includes the company materials in our starter kits, the monthly newsletters, our online support group, our calls, events, meetings like this one and contact with our sponsors and the company. Continuing support and training are vital to growing a home party business! There is no substitute so be sure your seed takes advantage of all we have to offer her!


Success rarely happens over night. We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare – slow and steady wins the race! If a consultant grows her business in a well planned, consistent manner, she will be successful! Model patience and persistence for her so she knows success will come, even though it may not be overnight. Building a strong business takes time!


Flowers are beautiful! They spread cheer to others, are fragrant, and with the help of others, they multiply! When your seed has all the right components, it will plant roots, staying firmly in touch with the rich, fertile soil, and then blossom into a beautiful flower, ready to create her own seeds! People say that seeds are tiny miracles – how can such a complex and beautiful thing come from such a tiny speck in the dirt? But the amazing thing is that the flower will continue to duplicate itself all throughout the land, until you have a beautiful, lush garden, all because of the rich soil, bright sunshine, and continual watering.

There is a Chinese proverb that says

If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain.
If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees.
If you want one hundred years of prosperity, grow people.

That’s what we are doing when we help others develop their own home party business! We’re growing people! I don’t need to tell you how much being a part of your business can change your life, in satisfaction, achievement, personal growth and more. We are all here today because we know this is something important that will make a difference in our lives and that of those we touch.

They say that he who plants a garden plants happiness. Enjoy your planting and pass on our little poem to your future flowers!!

Until next time...
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